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France Tourist Guide


France has a well-established and varied cruising and boating industry, focused on inland waterways as well as coastal cruises in the Mediterranean and on the Atlantic Ocean. provides a number of options to explore this fascinating country. There is also a choice of traveling style: from the finest luxury hotel boats to the freedom of private boat hire, which allows you to discover your own path along the waterways. For those who want to head out to sea, there is the option of chartering or hiring a yacht. Riverboat cruises offer passengers the opportunity to journey though the country's major cities, from Paris on the River Seine to the cuisine capital of Lyon or the historic city of Arles. For those who want to stay in the countryside, there is the option of tranquil cruises along the Canal du Midi, which meanders through the country's wine regions of Burgundy and Provence.

A cruise on the Cher River in the Loire Valley is a great way to appreciate the splendid architecture of the region's chateaux. You can travel in luxury on a hotel barge and visit the renowned Chateau de Chenonceau and Leonardo da Vinci's home, Clos Lucé among the many splendours on this voyage. If wine is to your taste then why not take a relaxing voyage aboard a luxury hotel barge cruising through the countryside between vineyards and charming villages, with wine tasting visits along the way?

France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, boasting a wealth of attractions. With vibrant cities and beautiful landscapes, it is world-renowned for its cuisine, culture, history and fashion. Although the main attraction in France is the cosmopolitan capital, Paris, famed for its beauty and romance, France offers a multitude of temptations.

From the historic and diverse cities of Lyon, Arles and Marseille, to the azure seas and pristine French Alps of the south east or the chateaux and wine regions of central France, there is a delectable range of attractions to delight even the most seasoned traveler. What's more, much of this can be seen from the water, because France boasts a vast network of canals, numerous rivers and an extensive coastline.

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