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Fiji Tourist Guide


A cruise holiday to Fiji is a great way to see parts of this exotic world that are largely untouched by tourist development. Taking a cruise through the passage of hundreds of tropical volcanic islands and stunning coral gardens is simply amazing. The exotic Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands lie to the north west of Nadi, the international gateway to Fiji and offer those beautiful crystal clear waters; palm fringed long sandy beaches and coral reefs that we all dream of. With over 300 islands and almost every imaginable activity to choose from, you can be certain of one thing when you arrive in the stunning Fiji Archipelago: you will have an experience that will last a lifetime.

A cruise around the Fijian Islands offers the chance to visit remote and exclusive destinations including the legendary Sawa-i-lau limestone caves and the Sacred Island of Vanua levu. The secluded Yasawa Island group consists of a chain of 20 ancient volcanic islands; four of these islands have impressive elevations with summits just short of 600 meters above sea level.

The pristine white sandy beaches and dramatic monoliths surrounded by crystal clear lagoons provide a stunning environment to explore and experience a more traditional Fijian way of life and enjoy Fiji at its best. Cruises offer this opportunity to experience traditional Fijian life. Trips can include village visits where you can interact with the local people, participate in Yaqona ceremonies and watch traditional dance performances.

More than anything else, Fiji is an exotic destination. An ancient culture, steeped in myth and legend, the Fijian way of life is beautiful in its simplicity. Visit villages, unaffected by modern technology and observe the unique local customs and ceremonies. So immerse yourself in the pristine Fijian environment and return completely revitalized.

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