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Egypt Tourist Guide


The thought of Egypt evokes images of pharaohs, the pyramids, temples and antiquities from ancient civilizations. But since the end of the nineteenth century, Egypt has been changing and developing at a very high speed. From tradition to modernity, it is a country which has been successful in creating a present that is as fascinating as its past.

Egypt's political, economical and cultural life has undergone striking changes. From the inscription of the first hieroglyph to the construction of the new hi-tech Smart Village in Cairo, Egypt has always been a pioneer on the frontier for emerging information technologies in the Arab world. Yet Egypt also offers nature and desert treks, great scuba diving and even golf, fishing and birding expeditions.

You can relax on a cruise along the wondrous Egypt Red Sea or Sinai coasts, take in the high culture of Cairo, or cruise down the Egyptian Nile on a luxurious river boat. First-time visitors to Egypt who want a classical experience would do well to take a Nile cruise. Of course, modern airlines shuttle tourists to the southern region of Egypt, but historically the Nile cruise was really the only way to visit the temples and tombs located along this stretch of the river. It is still a popular means of visiting Upper Egypt and has many advantages to other means of travel.

The Nile River has influenced the economics, social life, politics and religion of Egypt. It is the oldest travel destination on Earth: Greek and Roman travelers came in 430 BC to wonder at some of the very sights that make it a modern travel destination today. The magnificence of the painted Valley of the Kings, exquisite temples and the pyramids are all sought-after subjects of admiration.

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