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Canada Tourist Guide


The vast coastline of Canada offers a variety of cruising and sailing experiences. A cruise in the arctic climes reveals the immensity of soaring cliffs and creaking glaciers up close, while the bays on the coast of British Colombia offer majestic forests and coastal mountain. With a vast and varied coastline, there are plenty of different cruising experiences to be had. On the eastern side of Canada you can explore the rugged Newfoundland and Labrador coast line with its historic fishing villages, small harbors and strong maritime culture. The country is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Sea and the Pacific Ocean, meaning that the landscape changes from the sparse icy landscapes of the Arctic, to the forested greenery of British Colombia in the south.

As the second biggest country in world, Canada offers an outstanding natural environment. The natural beauty on this landmass is surprisingly varied, from the Quebec region with its lush farmland; to the fishing villages of the Atlantic coast; the rocky mountains of British Colombia; and the vast arctic wilderness of the north. The country is also home to a number of cosmopolitan cities: The fast growing Vancouver with its laid back attitude and outdoor lifestyle contrasts with the old-world feel of Montreal, with its French speaking population.

Canada's place as a wild frontier with untamed natural beauty has ensured the country remains a favorite tourist destination. Add to this a multicultural mix of French, English and indigenous peoples and you have a country that provides a rich and rewarding travel experience.

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