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Alaska Tourist Guide


Reaching up to the northern polar extreme, Alaska is an expansive landscape that dazzles with its grandeur. Towering fjords and dramatic glaciers form the backdrop to a diverse wildlife of whales, brown bears and birds of prey. A cruise is the ideal way to explore the coast of Alaska, and this is best experienced on a smaller ship able to visit the areas bigger ships cannot reach.

Despite being so far removed from the oft-tread routes of North America, Alaska has proved a popular place with travelers looking to experience the power of nature in a pristine environment. Visitors will marvel at the sheer granite cliffs that tower over above, while creaking glaciers edge their way into the icy waters of the Arctic. This is nature at its most powerful; where brown bears pluck fish from the rivers, otters crack and prise open oysters, eagles soar and whales breach.

A cruise through Alaska is the ideal way to experience the vastness and beauty of this magnificent wilderness. There are a variety of options available, for all types of traveler, from the opulent to the adventurous. Cruises are available on smaller yachts that focus on close-up exploration of the wildlife and wilderness with experienced tour guides to luxury cruises that cater to every desire of the traveler as they journey though this wilderness. While cruising in Alaska may not offer the warmth of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, it provides an opportunity that few in the world will experience.

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